Old and new

This is where I’ll be posting about, among other things, my ongoing PhD research in Creative Music Practice at the University of Edinburgh. I’m looking more closely into the nature of mixed-media performance using traditional instruments and electronic elements, with particular focus on the areas of ‘live electronics’ and human-computer interaction.

I am very grateful to be in receipt of a 3 year research award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) which is enabling me to undertake this study.

This represents a continuation and deepening of my work to date with composers, instrumentalists and computer musicians such as Richard Dudas (Hanyang University, Seoul), Alex Harker (Huddersfield), Andrew May (UNT), Sarah Nicolls (Brunel) and others, including my two supervisors here in Edinburgh, Michael Edwards and Martin Parker.

More of which as we go along.


Meanwhile, above is a nice photo by Julian Macedo of my bass clarinet: a Selmer 1928 model (yes, really) with 1980s bespoke extension to low C by Steve Trier & Ted Planas. Additional keywork on the lower joint is by John Coppen.


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